Hunting and gathering were people’s lifestyle before the development of Agriculture and Livestock.  They were surviving with these methods. However, being informed was also very important. It was crucial to know where the wild animals, enemies, valuable food and water sources are in order to survive. Percussion instruments, cave paintings and smoke were the main communication instruments.

Technology Has Been Advancing

As time goes on and the technology develops, tools such as letters, newspapers and magazines began to appear. This was just how people used to reach their acquaintances who were miles away and inform about the news from different parts of the world. Later, the reveal of tools such as telegraph and typewriter also made communication shorter. However, the most important invention was telephone at that time. This process that started with Alexander Graham Bell was one of the most important revolutions among communication instruments. This was how people communicate when they were far away.  

Heinrich Hertz discovered radio waves. Subsequently, Gugliermo Marconi invented the first radio in 1895. Radio has been accepted as one of the best means of communication. Radio was generally used to reach the ships at sea until the World War I.  Its importance and benefits increased during the war. It became popular among civilians. It was used to inform the public during the World War II. After prolonged wars, radio was used as entertainment. Today, it continues to be used, even if not used greatly.

The television has been invented after radio. It attract the attention of masses and it is also a crucial part among world communication tools. It became popular in 1960’s.

By using the fax machine, which is still used in official correspondence today, we can send the documents to the persons or institutions in a short time.

A New Era Began With Computer

The computer, that has a great impact on our lives today, was not that useful due to its big size when it was invented, although it was important in terms of communication. Those giant computers have reached a size that we can easily carry today. The computers that has a lot of qualities is getting more and more important.


In the light of all these developments, we moved into a new era with the invention of the internet, mobile phones and smart phones. Today, we can reach all kinds of information quickly thanks to the internet with unlimited information. Almost all sorts of transaction can be performed through the internet, and services can be bought in many areas from banking to shopping, from official business to entertainment. The e-mail that was sent by the computer programmer Ray Tomlinson to the person who sat at next table is considered the beginning of social media. This concept, which became popular over time, has reached an indispensable point with Friendster, Myspace, LinkedIn and Facebook. Social media reached its height with the introduction of YouTube, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

As a result, we have seen how communication instruments have developed during this period from the first human to the present. When we look at the last 10 years, it helps us to understand everything, to see that communication has developed in this way and that we already kept up with Marshall McLuhan's "Global Village" concept.

See you in the future…