During the Covid-19 outbreak, we wanted to raise awareness and stay creative. We got our inspiration from Ihap Hulusi Görey, who was Modern Turkey's first graphic designer, and his work mainly focused on posters informing the modern society in line with the nation-building process of the Republic. So we thought the Covid-19 crisis is such an opportunity to rewind this spirit in order to create a modern propaganda poster discourse with a retrospective artistic touch.

First of all, we made a detailed research about Ihap Hulusi Görey. We read articles about him and examined the works he made. We analyzed typography and color palette in his works. We considered the iconic graphic design works of that period so it becomes visible that his characteristics. Our team including illustrators, designers, copywriters, and art directors brainstormed all together. Then our copywriters prepared slogans based on the narrative style of Ihap Hulusi. After determining the color palette we started sketching. We used his signature in the same way but added the word "saygıyla (tribute to)" under the signature triangle. Finally, we designed three posters through teamwork.

First poster reads; “State’s and Nation’s measures protect the country”. In order to use this expression, we have designed a box that contains protection rules and methods.

Second one reads; “Keep your immunity strong for your health”. The most effective way to strengthen immunity is to have a healthy diet. And the third poster says; “The best measure is to keep our hands clean”. We wanted to emphasize the importance of washing hands. Rather than remaking or replicating his art, we adapted Ihap Hulusi Görey’s exact perspective and style reflecting a modern framework. This project carries the memory of the great artist to the present and is such a tribute to his art.