Those who heard of his reputation know that Victor from the Orbis’ is the father of advertisers. Not long ago, just six centuries ago he started this business where the brand was blended, by selling ice to an Eskimo.

He was the sole child of a Genovese family. He went out of the house to buy bread, but his parents would not hear from him since that day. Rumor has it, he was later seen around Söğüt. Little Victor was selling cold water accompanied by sad music.

As he got older, his marketing skills became more and more evident. He collected ripe pears that feel from trees, eggs from roaming chicken, sold them for a high price by saying they were organic. Many people put on silver horseshoes on their horses, winter tires on their cars thanks to him.

He did not mix tricks and cheats in advertising throughout his life. He worked day and night, met the demands of citizens. In all modesty, he earned well for so much supply. Despite his financial situation, he always lived in a rental home. He never had his eye on property and estates.

He immediately moved to Istanbul after the conquest, as if he was waiting for Fatih to conquer Istanbul for years. He rented a manor overlooking the Bosphorus and painted the walls red. He said this was an advertisement agency, put up his sign on the door. "Victor Orbis" was written on this sign.

He was the most influenced by the Renaissance movement in Europe. He said that Istanbul was the Turkish Rome, and he wouldn’t say otherwise. It is unknown where he heard it from, but he always talked about a painter called Bellini. One day he heard that this painter was going to paint a portrait of Fatih and he almost fainted.

Centuries later, on 2016, this portrait was hanging on the walls of the National Gallery in London. Cemil Cengiz, who was in the United Kingdom at that time, got excited about finally seeing the painting up-close. When he read the name “Victor Orbis” on the tag of the portrait, the name of his soon to be established advertisement agency was revealed.

There was a divine meaning in the famous Renaissance period painter Bellini painting Fatih Sultan Mehmet. The Conqueror of the World’s purpose was not only to rule land, but to rule culture, trends and current events as well. Moreover, bringing the resources of the East together with the aesthetics of the West revealed a completely different beauty. Victor Orbis was the name for always turning to the unique and new, despite all of the criticisms that may come.